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Juvenile risk factors

OJJDP FY24 Reducing Risk for Girls in the Juvenile Justice System

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With this solicitation, OJJDP seeks to support communities to assist girls age 17 and younger who are at risk of involvement and/or involved in the juvenile justice system. Funding will support communities to develop, enhance, or expand early intervention programs and/or treatment services for girls involved in the juvenile justice system.

Risk Assessments for Youth

December 2023
This webinar was presented by Dr. Jennifer Pealer on behalf of the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) on December 8, 2023. In her presentation, Dr. Pealer discussed the research on risk assessments in the criminal justice/corrections field of social science research and its application in the youth court system.

Literature Review: Children Exposed to Violence

There is a large body of evidence examining the relationship between childhood exposure to violence (CEV) and unwanted psychological, behavioral, health, and socioeconomic outcomes (Afifi et al., 2020; Carlson et al., 2019; Farrell and Zimmerman, 2018; Fitton, Yu, and Fazel, 2020; Lippard and Nemeroff, 2020; Polanin et al., 2021; Weissman et al., 2020). This relationship has emerged as an important topic of research, as it...

OJJDP FY 2022 Reducing Risk for Girls in the Juvenile Justice System Solicitation Webinar

April 2022

This webinar held on April 22, 2022 assisted eligible applicants interested in applying for the OJJDP FY 2022 Reducing Risk for Girls in the Juvenile Justice System Solicitation. This webinar provided a general overview of the program, the goals and objectives, a discussion about the application process, and a Q&A opportunity for participants.

Model Programs Guide Literature Review: Substance Use Prevention Programs

Youth substance use prevention programs aim to promote abstinence from alcohol and illicit drugs and the misuse of over-the-counter drugs. They differ from treatment programs, which focus on youths who have been clinically diagnosed with a substance abuse problem. A variety of approaches have been developed that work with families, schools, and communities to help children and adolescents develop skills and approaches to prevent or...