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When available, OJJDP funding opportunities will be listed on this page. Review individual funding announcements for specific application process instructions. Visit the How to Apply page to learn about the registration process, which may take several days to complete.

OJJDP FY 2021 Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Program

Closing Date
This program provides resources to state, local, and tribal governments to create and enhance juvenile drug treatment court programs for youth in the justice system with substance abuse problems, specifically related to opioid abuse.

OJJDP FY 2021 Children’s Advocacy Centers National Subgrants Program

Closing Date
The fiscal year (FY) 2021 Children's Advocacy Centers National Subgrants Program, which will provide funding under three categories of assistance to children's advocacy centers (CACs). The three categories of assistance are (1) National Subgrants Program, (2) National Subgrants Program for Victims of Child Pornography, and (3) National Military Partnership Program.

OJJDP FY 2021 Comprehensive Youth Violence Prevention and Reduction Program

Closing Date
Funding for this program is to prevent and reduce youth violence, including youth gang violence. Applicants must target their proposed prevention, intervention, or suppression strategies to work with those youth who are most likely to be involved in violent activities in the immediate future.

OJJDP FY 2021 Family Drug Court Program

Closing Date
The objective is to provide treatment and accountability to parents with substance use disorders by offering access to treatment and recovery services that will ultimately protect children; reunite families, when safe to do so; and expedite permanency.

OJJDP FY 2021 Delinquency Prevention Grants Program

Closing Date
This program provides funding to eligible states or federally recognized tribes to implement evidence-based strategies to address the unmet needs of at-risk or delinquent youth through a continuum of delinquency prevention programs for juveniles who have had or who are likely to have contact with the juvenile justice system.

OJJDP FY 2021 Opioid Affected Youth Initiative

Closing Date
This program supports the efforts of states, communities, tribal jurisdictions, nonprofit organizations, for-profit organizations, and institutions of higher education to implement programs and strategies that identify, respond to, treat, and support children, youth, and families impacted by the opioid epidemic to ensure public safety.

OJJDP FY 2021 Supporting Tribal Youth: Training and Technical Assistance and Youth Leadership Development

Closing Date
This program supports the provision of juvenile justice-related training and technical assistance to federally recognized tribes to build capacity to develop, expand, improve, and/or maintain their juvenile justice systems, as well as funding to support and enhance tribal youth engagement related to juvenile justice, delinquency prevention, and public safety issues in Indian country.

OJJDP FY 2021 Title II Formula Grants

Closing Date
The purpose of the Formula Grants Program is to assist state, tribal, and local governments in addressing juvenile crime through more effective programs for preventing juvenile delinquency and improving the juvenile justice system. 34 U.S.C.§ 11131(a).

OJJDP FY 2021 Family-Based Alternative Sentencing Program

Closing Date
The OJJDP Family-Based Alternative Sentencing Program seeks to build the capacity of states, state and local courts, units of local government, and federally recognized tribal governments to implement new, or enhance existing, alternative sentencing programs for parents in the criminal justice system to improve child, parent, and family outcomes.

OJJDP FY 2021 Post-Secondary Education Opportunities for Child Protection Professionals

Closing Date
This solicitation provides funding to support the training of future mandated reporters and child protection professionals and support efforts across the country to train child protection professionals in the field, including law enforcement officers, social workers, mental and medical health professionals, and prosecutors.

OJJDP FY 2021 Juvenile Justice System Reform Initiative

Closing Date
The Juvenile Justice System Reform Initiative will support states to implement sustainable, research-based, and data-informed recidivism reduction policies, practices, and programming, and the strategic reinvestment of cost savings into effective prevention and intervention programs.

OJJDP FY 2021 Strengthening ICAC Technological Investigative Capacity

Closing Date
This solicitation provides funding for applicant organizations to increase the technological investigative capacity of Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Forces and their affiliates as well as related state, tribal, and local law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies.

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