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OJJDP Releases Tribal Consultation Report

The OJJDP Tribal Consultation Response report summarizes findings from the Tribal Consultation held on June 25, 2020, OJJDP's responses for resolving the issues discussed, feedback received during the comment period, and OJJDP action items to help build and maintain its support of tribal communities and their juvenile justice programs.

OJJDP News @ a Glance
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OJJDP News @ a Glance, July/August 2021

The July/August newsletter highlights OJJDP programs designed to prevent and reduce youth violence, training and technical assistance for judges presiding over child abuse and neglect cases, and OJJDP's response to feedback received during a tribal consultation.

New Model Programs Guide Literature Review Added

This new literature review focuses on the use of restorative justice for juveniles, including the theoretical framework, target populations, the goals and various models of restorative justice programs, and the outcome evidence in regard to the effectiveness of juvenile restorative justice programs.

Juvenile Justice Reform Act of 2018

The Juvenile Justice Reform Act of 2018 (JJRA) reauthorizes and substantially amends the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974. The JJRA Redline tracks changes implemented by the new law. 

JustGrants Training Resources

Learn more about the application process for OJP and DOJ funding opportunities. Find training resources including videos, a job aid, a new DOJ Application Checklist, and webinar recording.

Mentoring | OJJDP
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OJJDP Launches Redesigned National Mentoring Resource Center Website

The OJJDP National Mentoring Resource Center (NMRC) has launched a newly designed website that includes a Resources Assessment page, tools, forum discussions and more. 

Learn about Funding

Learn about Funding

OJJDP funding programs support state and community efforts to develop effective prevention and intervention programs and to improve the juvenile justice system.
Access Resources

Access Resources

OJJDP produces and sponsors numerous publications and products each year that focus on different aspects of juvenile justice.
Find Programs

Find Programs

OJJDP sponsors programs to prevent and respond to juvenile delinquency and victimization and improve the juvenile justice system.
Participate in Events

Participate in Events

Learn about upcoming webinars and in-person conferences and training opportunities that support OJJDP's mission.

Wellness Program Implementation Series (Part 1): How to Build a Wellness Program

Hosted by OJJDP's NTTAC in conjunction with The Innocent Justice Foundation, this was the first in a 6-part series that discussed how to build a wellness program, from identifying the necessary components (e.g., funding, buy-in, and providers) and choosing the best option for your team, to implementing your program and assessing its success.

Expunging Juvenile Records Misconceptions, Collateral Consequences, and Emerging Practice Webinar

Held on May 19, 2021, this webinar highlighted OJJDP's recently published bulletin that includes defining various terms used to describe expungement and misconceptions about juvenile records.