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Juvenile Arrests, 2019

In 2019, law enforcement agencies made an estimated 696,620 arrests of youth younger than 18—the fewest arrests of juveniles in nearly 4 decades.

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Wellness Program Implementation Series

Hosted by OJJDP's NTTAC in conjunction with The Innocent Justice Foundation, this six-part webinar series discusses building a wellness program, assessing your team's needs and more.

Publication Types

OJJDP produces different types of publications and products, including Newsletters, Bulletins, Fact Sheets, Reports, and Portable Guides.

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OJJDP Annual Reports

Annual Reports describe the Office's activities in a specified fiscal year.​

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About Multimedia

OJJDP's growing multimedia collection includes video messages from OJJDP Acting Administrator Chyrl Jones, archived webinars on specific solicitations, training sessions, and more.

NCJRS Virtual Library
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NCJRS Virtual Library

The National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) Virtual Library contains bibliographic information and abstracts of more than 230,000 collection resources, including all known Office of Justice Programs' works.