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Racial and Ethnic Disparities

OJJDP Celebrates Black History Month

President Biden proclaimed February as Black History Month, a nationwide observance celebrating the vast contributions Black Americans make to every aspect of American life.

OJJDP FY 2023 Center for Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities (R/ED) in Juvenile Justice

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With this solicitation, OJJDP seeks to fund a new Center for Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Juvenile Justice to assist states and territories to strengthen their compliance with a core requirement of the Formula Grants Program authorized under the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act.

Administrator's Message: Pursuing Racial Equity and Fairness

February 2023
Administrator Liz Ryan underscores OJJDP's commitment to pursue racial equity and fairness in the juvenile justice system as the Office celebrates Black History Month. She discusses OJJDP's effort to eliminate racial disparities in the juvenile justice system through its funding priorities and technical assistance provided to states developing plans to increase equity for youth.

Literature Review: Racial and Ethnic Disparity in Juvenile Justice Processing

Data have shown that youths of color are more likely than white youths to be arrested and subsequently go deeper into the juvenile justice system (e.g., Puzzanchera, 2021; Puzzanchera and Hockenberry, 2013; Sickmund et al., 2021; Sickmund, Sladky, and Kang, 2021). Researchers have examined the contributing factors to these racial and ethnic disparities for decades, often testing hypotheses and theoretical frameworks related to differential offending...

Department of Justice Awards More Than $100 Million To Support Youth

FY21 Funding Awards

The Department of Justice's Office of Justice Programs (OJP) announced awards of nearly $103 million to support youth and equity in juvenile justice systems.  

"Reforming our juvenile justice systems, mentoring our youth and helping young people find a path forward to a safe and bright future are central to our mission at the Office of Justice Programs and remain top priorities of this administration,"...