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OJJDP Celebrates Black History Month

JUVJUST - Celebrating Black History Month, February 2024

President Biden proclaimed February as Black History Month, a nationwide observance celebrating the vast contributions Black Americans make to every aspect of American life.

The proclamation highlights Black history and culture, along with the Administration's ongoing steps to support African Americans, and builds a foundation for a stronger, more equitable nation.

“This National Black History Month, as we remember where we have been, may we also recognize that our only way forward is by marching together.”
                                                                                                          — President Joseph Biden

OJJDP is committed to working with states to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in the juvenile justice system. Although we have made progress, research shows that Black youth are more likely than white youth to be arrested for similar offenses and they continue to be over represented in the justice system.

The Office recently awarded $1.5 million dollars to establish the new “Center for Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Juvenile Justice.” OJJDP has also added the National Racial and Ethnic Disparities Databook to its website and distributed the Department of Justice’s guidance on abolishing fines and fees, which disproportionately impact youth of color and their families.  

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Date Published: February 27, 2024