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Crime prevention

OJJDP FY 2022 Enhancing School Capacity To Address Youth Violence

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The program supports targeted efforts to address youth violence through implementing evidence-based prevention and intervention efforts in a school-based setting (K–12th grade only). The goals of the program are to: (1) reduce the incidence of school violence through improved school safety and climate and (2) prevent youth violence, delinquency, and victimization in the targeted community.

Essential Partnerships for Leading a Community-Based Response | Community Violence Intervention—Addressing Gangs

February 2022
The sixth webinar in the “Community Violence Intervention—Addressing Gangs” series and held on December 14, 2021 focuses on the steps for building a community-based comprehensive response with a focus on engaging partners and establishing a steering committee to guide the process.

Understanding Youth Gang Involvement | Community Violence Intervention—Addressing Gangs

February 2021
This webinar is the third in the "Community Violence Intervention—Addressing Gangs" series and was held on held on July 29, 2021, addresses why youth join gangs. Research suggests that joining a gang is a complex decision that involves multiple negative conditions that "push" youth into gangs, as well as perceived positive opportunities that "pull" youth into gangs.