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Probation: Technical Assistance Manual

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84 pages
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This manual provides an overview of how a probation department can implement a promising youth gang suppression and intervention program.
Its intended audience is the chief probation officer and management staff of a probation department. Its target group is youth and young adult gang probationers who are primarily involved in youth gang violence. The probation model presented is predicated on the assumption that a multistrategy approach by probation agencies is necessary to fulfill the dual mission of protecting the community and reforming the youth gang probationer. The manual recognizes that the costs of incarceration are prohibitive and that youth who are jailed will eventually return to their neighborhoods. The model presented encourages probation to adopt a "balanced approach" by conducting community mobilization activities to suppress youth gang probationer crime and providing counseling, educational, and employment opportunities to the gang probationers and their families. The manual is divided into five sections that address program design, service implementation, and other organizational activities necessary to conduct a program of this nature. Appended sample gang member identification criteria, gang-related probation conditions, probation officer safety guidelines, gang intelligence data system forms, probation gang intelligence report, presentence investigation report, intake detention criteria, release of information forms, interagency agreements, and training course descriptions

Date Published: January 1, 1992