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Department of Education Accepting Applications for Its Transitioning Gang-Involved Youth to Higher Education Program

JUVJUST - Transitioning Gang-Involved Youth to Higher Education Program

The Department of Education is seeking applications for its fiscal year (FY) 2023 Transitioning Gang-Involved Youth to Higher Education Program. This initiative provides funding for organizations to help gang-involved youth pursue higher education opportunities that will lead to certification or academic or occupational credentials.

Programs can include apprenticeships or other workforce preparation programs that promote job readiness. The initiative will also provide essential wraparound services...

Literature Review: Children Exposed to Violence

There is a large body of evidence examining the relationship between childhood exposure to violence (CEV) and unwanted psychological, behavioral, health, and socioeconomic outcomes (Afifi et al., 2020; Carlson et al., 2019; Farrell and Zimmerman, 2018; Fitton, Yu, and Fazel, 2020; Lippard and Nemeroff, 2020; Polanin et al., 2021; Weissman et al., 2020). This relationship has emerged as an important topic of research, as it...


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