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Statistical Briefing Book

Statistical Briefing Book Updates Data Snapshot on Teen Dating Violence

OJJDP has updated its Statistical Briefing Book  with  a new  Data Snapshot on teen dating violence. The snapshot draws on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System to document the trends and characteristics of exposure to dating violence reported by high school students. The data show the prevalence of physical and sexual dating violence reported by students declined overall between...

Youth population at risk

For delinquency and status offense matters, this is the number of children from age 10 through the upper age of juvenile court jurisdiction. In all states, the upper age of jurisdiction is defined by statute. In most states, individuals are considered adults when they reach their 18th birthday. Therefore, for these states, the delinquency and status offense youth population at risk would be the number of children 10 through 17 years of age living within the geographical area served by the court.