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OJJDP Design Study of Dual System Youth

Goals and Objectives

Researchers at California State University, Los Angeles are conducting this study in collaboration with experts across the nation. The overall goals of this project are to (1) propose a feasible, reliable, and cost-effective method to generate a national estimate of dual system youth and (2) identify strategies that are likely to promote more effective coordination between local child welfare and juvenile justice systems.

The objectives include:

  • Analyze administrative records from multiple jurisdictions to identify pathways that lead to multiple system involvement and to better understand characteristics of the dual system populations in those jurisdictions.
  • Conduct case studies to identify examples of successes and challenges associated with cross-system collaboration and data integration in local jurisdictions.
  • Develop clear reports and recommendations that address both a method to collect and report national estimates and promote more effective local practice around dual system youth.

The researchers formed two subcommittees to complete these objectives. The Linked Administrative Data Subcommittee designed a method to generate local incidence estimates, including characteristics and pathways, of dual system youth. The subcommittee is also overseeing the analysis of administrative data from study sites. The Jurisdictional Case Studies Subcommittee oversaw the analysis of case study data and identified key practices and policies associated with increased system coordination and collaboration.

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Date Created: March 2, 2020