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Multi-site Evaluation of Research-Informed Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Enhancements to Mentoring Program Practices

Goals and Objectives

American Institutes for Research is comparing the effectiveness in 29 YMCA Reach and Rise sites among three conditions: (1) cognitive behavioral treatment-enhanced mentoring, (2) "business-as-usual" mentoring, and (3) no mentoring. OJJDP expects that the results of this project will advance understanding about the effectiveness of combining cognitive behavioral treatment principles with mentoring approaches and how such an approach might be scaled to multiple sites to better equip mentoring programs to meet the needs of high-risk youth.

The three primary objectives of the study include investigating:

  1. The effects of the cognitive behavioral treatment enhancements on mentoring relationship quality and youth outcomes, including prevention of delinquency and juvenile justice involvement.
  2. The implementation of cognitive behavioral treatment enhancements.
  3. The costs and benefits of the enhancements.

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Date Created: March 31, 2020