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OJJDP Bridging Research and Practice Project to Advance Juvenile Justice and Safety

Publications and Products

  • Love, H., Harvell, S., Derrick-Mills, T., Gaddy, M., Liberman, A., Willison, J.B., Winkler, M.K. 2016. Understanding Research and Practice Gaps in Juvenile Justice: Early Insights From the Bridge Project. NCJRS Abstract. NCJ 250489. Washington, DC: Urban Institute.

  • Derrick-Mills, T., Winkler, M.K., Harvell, S., Gaddy, M., Liberman, A., Love, H., Willison, J.B. 2016. Bridging Research and Practice for Juvenile Justice: Systematizing the Approach. NCJRS Abstract. NCJ 250490. Washington, DC: Urban Institute.

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Date Created: January 30, 2020