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OJJDP Bridging Research and Practice Project to Advance Juvenile Justice and Safety


OJJDP launched the Bridge Project to translate juvenile justice research into innovative products and dissemination strategies that drive changes in policy and practice.

OJJDP and many other organizations, agencies, and academic institutions have long supported a diverse and rigorous portfolio of research in juvenile justice prevention and intervention and system improvements. However, translating research knowledge for non-researchers and promoting widespread implementation of practices demonstrated to be effective remains a challenge.

Through the Bridge Project, researchers and juvenile justice professionals are partnering to identify areas in which credible research findings have not been integrated into policy and practice and create tools and dissemination mechanisms that help transform research into action.

The project focuses on developing effective dissemination strategies to deliver practitioner-friendly, application-ready products to guide juvenile justice system improvements.

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Date Created: January 30, 2020