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Juvenile Offenders and Victims: 1999 National Report

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Date Published
September 1999
236 pages
This 1999 report provides data and information on juvenile population characteristics, juvenile victims, juvenile offenders, juvenile justice system structure and process, law enforcement and juvenile crime, juvenile courts and juvenile crime, and juveniles in correctional facilities.
The first chapter provides an overview of some of the more commonly requested demographic, economic, and sociological statistics on juveniles. This is followed by a chapter that presents what is known about the prevalence and incidence of criminal victimizations of juveniles. The next two chapters present data and information on the prevalence and incidence of juvenile offending and the structure and procedures of the juvenile justice system; the latter chapter focuses on the processing of delinquency and status offense cases. Chapter 5 presents information on the number of juvenile arrests made annually, the nature of these arrests, and arrest trends. This chapter also includes arrest-rate trends for violent and property crimes, drug and weapons offenses, alcohol violations, and curfew and loitering law violations; male and female juvenile arrests and arrest-rate trends are compared. Chapter 6 quantifies the flow of cases through the juvenile court system, documenting the nature of and trends in cases received and the court's response; it also examines race and gender differences and quantifies and describes juvenile involvement with State criminal courts. The final chapter describes the population of juveniles detained and committed in public and private facilities in terms of demographics, offenses, average time in the facility, and facility type. This chapter also contains descriptions of juveniles held in adult jails and prisons and those on death row. Extensive tables, source listings, and a subject index

Date Published: September 1, 1999