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Community-Based Youth Agency Model

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The proposed model uses a community-based youth agency (CBYA) as the core organization for coordinating the control and prevention of youth gang crime through other community- based, criminal justice, and grassroots organizations.
The CBYA would provide a continuum of many services to gang and gang-prone youth as well as to other youth, families, and community residents. The agency must have a board that is composed of local residents and that represents the needs and interests of the community. The CBYA must coordinate its services with criminal justice system units, including police, court, probation, detention, parole, and correction institutions, as well as with local schools, business, and industry. A CBYA should provide a variety of youth outreach services and grassroots mobilization efforts and should intervene to mediate differences among warring gangs. Overall, the model proposes a six-fold mission for CBYA's: socialization, education, family support, training and employment, social control, community mobilization, and agency coordination. This paper discusses each of these areas in detail. Additionally, the paper discusses policies and procedures, organization and development of youth gang policy, management of the collaborative process, community structure and processes, research and evaluation, and funding priorities. 2 references and appended research paradigm, traditional model components, and innovative model components

Date Published: January 1, 1990