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Youth gangs

Strategies to Reduce Gang Violence in Juvenile Justice Settings

April 2024
Held on March 28, 2024, this webinar highlights key considerations from the Council of Juvenile Justice Administrators Gang Reduction Strategies for Juvenile Justice Facilities toolkit, and speaks to how the guidance and resources listed can reaffirm or refine the work of juvenile justice practitioners and improve opportunities for young people involved in gang violence.

Behavior Change Interventions to Stop School Violence

This program will engage over 100 young people per year through prevention services and provide intensive intervention to the highest risk 15–18-year-olds who are at the center of youth violence and gang activity.

Department of Education Accepting Applications for Its Transitioning Gang-Involved Youth to Higher Education Program

JUVJUST - Transitioning Gang-Involved Youth to Higher Education Program

The Department of Education is seeking applications for its fiscal year (FY) 2023 Transitioning Gang-Involved Youth to Higher Education Program. This initiative provides funding for organizations to help gang-involved youth pursue higher education opportunities that will lead to certification or academic or occupational credentials.

Programs can include apprenticeships or other workforce preparation programs that promote job readiness. The initiative will also provide essential wraparound services...

OJJDP FY 2023 Youth Violence Prevention Program

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With this solicitation, OJJDP seeks to provide funding for applicants to develop and/or enhance strategies to prevent youth violence, including youth gang involvement and youth gang/group violence.