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A Longitudinal Evaluation of the Young Women Leaders Program


The longitudinal evaluation of the Young Women Leaders Program was a mixed methods examination of the long-term impact of the mentoring program on participating girls. The program combines group and one-on-one mentoring between college women mentors and at-risk 7th grade girls. The pairs participated in structured group activities and one-on-one mentoring in an afterschool setting. Girls involved in the mentoring program were identified by their schools as at-risk for social, behavioral, academic, or emotional risk. OJJDP funded researchers from the University of Virginia to collect additional data, examine both the long-term outcomes of the program 5 years after the girls ended their participation, and explore the processes and characteristics of the mentoring relationships that may influence program impacts.

OJJDP funded this project under the OJJDP FY 2013 Mentoring Best Practices Research program. The solicitation program focused on augmenting or extending the followup period for mentoring research studies to enhance understanding of how programs may affect outcomes into later adolescence, including justice system involvement.

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Date Created: March 25, 2020