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Kentucky Juvenile Justice Reform Evaluation

Goals and Objectives

In this study, Westat is partnering with the American Probation and Parole Association to conduct an implementation and outcome evaluation of the SB 200 improvements.

  • The implementation evaluation will examine the extent to which key elements of the bill were completed as designed, with a particular focus on increasing community-based services for justice system involved youth. The implementation evaluation is using a mixed-method design that involves document reviews, telephone interviews with stakeholders, site visits, and analysis of administrative data.
  • The outcome evaluation will examine the impact of SB 200 on justice system and youth outcomes. The design includes geographic information system mapping to examine if services are equally accessible to youth across the state or if certain disparities in accessibility exist based on region or characteristics of youth populations. In addition, the evaluation intends to use other multivariate analyses to examine the impact of SB 200 on youth outcomes, such as subsequent arrests, probation violations, and adjudications.

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Date Created: March 24, 2020