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Initiative To Develop and Test Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Guidelines

Goals and Objectives

In 2014, OJJDP awarded American Institutes for Research (AIR) a cooperative agreement to develop guidelines based on current research in adolescent development, substance use treatment, youth interventions, family engagement, juvenile courts, and juvenile drug courts. AIR partnered with the Court Centered Change Network, George Mason University, Vanderbilt University, and WestEd to design an approach to develop the research base for the guidelines and draft and test the guidelines. OJJDP and AIR engaged federal staff, researchers, judges, practitioners, families, and youth to inform the development of the research protocol and the guidelines.

OJJDP anticipates the new guidelines will help court staff improve the lives of the youth they serve and help them avoid further contact with the juvenile justice system. The new guidelines will assist JDTC staff in designing practices that help youth increase their sense of belonging and self-worth; improve their mental and physical health; and thrive at home, in school, and at work.

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Date Created: March 18, 2020