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Evaluation of OJJDP Juvenile Justice Reform and Reinvestment Initiative Demonstration Programs

Goals and Objectives

To achieve the original goals of the evaluation to assess effectiveness and costs, the research team's first objective was to conduct a process evaluation of the initiative as a whole and the implementation of the SPEP™ rating system in particular. The researchers' second objective was to locally validate the SPEP™ rating system at the demonstration sites, using local youth and service-level data. However, limitations in available risk data, the limited number of services rated, and an extended timeline for implementing the SPEP™ precluded such a validation. Instead, the researchers used the data from one site to illustrate the requirements and process that would be involved in locally validating the SPEP™. Consequently, the evaluation and its products focused on research objectives that included the following:

  • the implementation of the SPEP™ rating system at the demonstration sites, including implementation requirements, successes, and challenges, and implications for sustainability and replication;
  • the process to locally validate the relationship between SPEP™ ratings and reduced recidivism; and
  • the implementation of JJRRI and its components at the demonstration sites, including progress made, challenges encountered, and the sustainability of reforms.

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Date Created: March 11, 2020