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Evaluation of a Cross-age Peer Mentoring Program for Youth in High Violence Communities

Goals and Objectives

The overall goal of the project is to evaluate the impact of the cross-age mentoring program and qualitatively assess the implementation process.

Data collection is occurring in a series of four waves, starting with data collected at the program beginning. Researchers are using standardized surveys to assess the effects of the mentoring on several variables, such as beliefs about aggression, self-efficacy, grit, perceptions of community support, and academic accomplishment.

The researchers are also studying key implementation components of the program. They are collecting data from the mentors as well as qualitative information from letters and peer-to-peer interviews. The implementation data will assess the developmental contexts and experiences of the youth in the program.

Consonant with a community-based, participatory element, youth are actively involved as coresearchers.

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Date Created: March 10, 2020