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Census of Juveniles in Residential Placement

Goals and Objectives

CJRP provides a detailed picture of juveniles in residential placement, including the demographics and legal attributes of each youth in a juvenile facility on the census date. The Juvenile Residential Facility Census (JRFC), the companion collection to CJRP conducted in alternating years, collects information about the facilities in which juvenile offenders are held. Together they provide the most comprehensive picture available of youth sanctioned to residential placement and the facilities and services the youth are provided. Specific objectives of CJRP include:

  • Establishing a comprehensive, manageable, and reliable statistical series covering juvenile offenders in residential placement.

  • Collecting individual information on each youth, including gender, date of birth, race, and most serious offense charged.

  • Collecting information on the youth's legal status, including court of jurisdiction (i.e., criminal court or juvenile court), adjudicatory status (i.e., pre- or post-adjudication), and the state that has jurisdiction over the juvenile.

  • Collecting information on admission dates to calculate the number of days since admission for each youth in residential placement and compare time spent in placement for different categories of youth.

  • Collecting some limited information on facility characteristics, including ownership and operation, facility type, and security


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Date Created: January 30, 2020