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Formula Grants Program

OJJDP provides formula grants to states to support their delinquency prevention and juvenile justice systems improvement efforts.


The Formula Grants Program is authorized under the JJDP Act of 1974, as amended.

OJJDP's Formula Grants Program supports state and local delinquency prevention and intervention efforts, and juvenile justice systems improvements. Within the program purpose areas, states can provide job training, mental health and substance use treatment, community-based programs and services, reentry/aftercare services, and school programs to prevent truancy.

OJJDP provides funds directly to states to help them implement comprehensive juvenile justice plans based on the needs in their jurisdictions. Access the Title II Formula Grants Program fact sheet for an overview about the program.

Programs and Funding

Funding is available to states and territories and is based on the jurisdiction's share of the national youth population. Juvenile Justice Specialists in each state administer the funding through subgrants to units of local government, local private agencies, and Indian Tribes for programs in accordance with legislative requirements. Only state agencies, designated by the Governor, are eligible to apply. State Advisory Groups, comprised of members appointed by the governor, set priorities for funded activities. For further information about the availability and implementation of these grants, contact your state's Juvenile Justice Specialist.

OJJDP awarded more than $47 million in fiscal year (FY) 2023 Formula Grants to 48 states, the District of Columbia, and several U.S. territories. Between FY 2020 and FY 2023, OJJDP awarded more than $179.7 million to support state and community efforts to develop effective prevention and intervention programs and to improve juvenile justice systems. 

  • Fiscal Year 2023—$47 million
  • Fiscal Year 2022—$43.8 million
  • Fiscal Year 2021—$44.5 million
  • Fiscal Year 2020—$44.4 million


Details of funds awarded to the states through the formula grants program are accessible on the Distribution of Juvenile Justice Formula Grants by State page.

Core Requirements

To be eligible to receive a formula grant under JJDPA's Title II, Part B Formula Grants Program, a state must (1) satisfy 33 statutory state plan requirements, (2) designate a state agency to prepare and administer the state's comprehensive three-year juvenile justice and delinquency prevention plan, (3) establish a State Advisory Group to provide policy direction and participate in the preparation and administration of the three-year-plan, and (4) commit to achieve and maintain compliance with the four core requirements of the JJDPA:

  • deinstitutionalization of status offenders,
  • separation of juveniles from adult inmates,
  • removal of juveniles from adult jails and lockups, and
  • addressing racial and ethnic disparities.  

Participating states must submit an annual compliance report that includes data to demonstrate they have maintained or achieved compliance with the four Core Requirements. States must also submit an annual Racial and Ethnic Disparities core requirement plan that describes how the state will address racial and ethnic disparities. 

You may also wish to review OJJDP's Core Requirements page, which outlines more details on the requirements with which participating states must comply.

Training and Technical Assistance

The American Institutes for Research (AIR), through the Center for Youth Justice Transformation (CYJT), provides resources and training and technical assistance to states and localities to enhance implementation of the Title II Formula Grant Program. The (CYJT) hosts recordings of past calls for Designated State Agency (DSA) Staff and State Advisory Group (SAG) Chairs on the Information Hub to be accessed by DSA staff and SAG chairs. To access the Information Hub and these notes, please contact the CYJT at [email protected]. To request assistance, visit OJJDP's training and technical assistance (TTA) portal and access resources on the Training and Technical Assistance webpage


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