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OJJDP News @ a Glance, November/December 2019

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The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) announces the availability of OJJDP News @ a Glance, November/December 2019. In this issue's Message From the Administrator, Caren Harp reviews OJJDP activities during fiscal year (FY) 2019, including a comprehensive 3-day national training conference designed to assist states and territories in their administration of OJJDP's Title II Formula Grants Program. The top story highlights the agency's FY 2019 awards totaling more than $320 million to protect public safety, ensure offenders are held accountable, and empower youth to live productive and law-abiding lives.

Other features in this issue—


OJJDP News @ a Glance, November/December (NCJ 254270) is available online

Date Published: December 23, 2019