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Department of Justice Awards Nearly $141 Million To Protect Children

The Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs (OJP) announced awards of nearly $141 million to protect children and improve the judicial systems’ response to child abuse and neglect cases.  

OJJDP and the National Institute of Justice awarded these funds to jurisdictions across the country to provide law enforcement officials, child advocates, and service providers resources to protect children from abuse and sexual exploitation.  

Funding will help communities find missing children; develop, enhance, and strengthen investigative and trauma-informed services to assist youth; support research; and provide training and technical assistance to professionals working with these youth.  

The grants include:

  • More than $47 million to support missing and exploited children programs and services.   
  • About $43 million to help victims of child abuse and provide training and technical assistance to youth-serving professionals.  
  • Nearly $36 million to help combat and prevent Internet crimes against children.    
  • Approximately $7 million to provide support services for children exposed to violence and implement community violence intervention strategies.  
  • Nearly $3 million to provide intervention and supervision services for adolescent sex offenders, children with behavior problems, and treatment services for their victims and families.  
  • About $1.5 million to support research to help reduce the trauma of children affected by child pornography investigations.  
  • Over $900,000 to support training of child protection professionals.  

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Date Published: January 3, 2022