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Juvenile Court Statistics 1993: Statistics Report

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Date Published
June 1996
75 pages
This report presents data that describe delinquency and status offense cases handled by U.S. courts with juvenile jurisdiction between 1989 and 1993.
The data used in this report are stored in the National Juvenile Court Data Archive. The Archive contains the most detailed information available on youth involved in the juvenile justice system and on the activities of U.S. courts. The Archive seeks to fit the processing characteristics of all jurisdictions into a general model that encompasses intake, transfer, petitioning, adjudication, disposition, and detention. The report first presents national estimates of petitioned and nonpetitioned delinquency cases handled by courts with juvenile jurisdiction. Next, national estimates of petitioned (formally processed) status offense cases are presented. Together, these sections provide a detailed national portrait of juvenile court cases, including offenses involved, sources of referral, detention practices, and dispositions ordered. A brief description of the statistical procedure used to generate these estimates is provided in the "Methods" section. The appendix presents a complete list of the number of delinquency, status offense, and dependency cases handled by juvenile courts in 1993. Footnotes show the source of the data and the unit of count. 86 tables and 22 figures

Date Published: June 1, 1996