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Juvenile Arrests 2003

NCJ Number
Date Published
Snyder, H.N.
Publication Type
This report presents statistical data on juvenile arrests for calendar year 2003.
During 2003, approximately 2.2 million juveniles were arrested in the United States. Minority juveniles were involved in a disproportionate number of these arrests; 29 percent involved females. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) data reveals that juveniles accounted for 16 percent of all arrests in 2003 and for 15 percent of all violent crime arrests. However, an FBI trend analysis indicates that the number of juvenile arrests for violent crime in 2003 was at its lowest level since 1987. The exception to the decrease in violent crime arrests among juveniles was the rate of juvenile arrests for aggravated assault, which was 26 percent higher in 2003 than it was in 1980 mainly due to an increase in female arrests for aggravated assault. Property arrests among juveniles in 2003 were the lowest experienced in at least three decades. Juveniles who were arrested in 2003 were most likely to be referred to juvenile court (71 percent); only 7 percent of juvenile arrestees were referred directly to criminal court in 2003. Juveniles accounted for 9 percent of all murder victims in 2003. The report also offers information on the data sources used to compile the arrest statistics. Tables, figures, notes
Date Created: August 14, 2014