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Guide for Implementing or Enhancing an Endangered Missing Advisory

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Date Published
March 2011
37 pages
This guide provides AMBER Alert coordinators, law enforcement, and public safety professionals with an effective and efficient way to implement an Endangered Missing Advisory (EMA) plan.
Results show that by establishing a single, clear plan that can be used in all cases that do not fit the AMBER Alert criteria, an EMA will facilitate communities to better provide public safety services and save more lives. The EMA, which is similar to the AMBER Alert, brings together law enforcement agencies, broad-casters, transportation agencies, and others in a voluntary partnership to enlist the aid of the public in finding a missing person who may be in danger but does not fit the AMBER Alert criteria. An EMA plan eliminates the confusion that can occur when alerts and advisories differ because of the age of the person or the circum-stances of the case. The first section of this guide focuses on developing an EMA plan while the second section discusses the steps involved in activating an EMA. The final section addresses the critical issues of building and sustaining support for the EMA plan. This guide provides information on potential problems along with recommendations for possible partnerships. It features examples of EMA plans, press releases, and real-life examples of how the EMA was used to help save missing people. References and appendixes

Date Published: March 1, 2011