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Desktop Guide to Good Juvenile Detention Practice

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Date Published
October 1996
237 pages
This guide provides comprehensive information on the principles, concepts, and daily practice of juvenile detention.
The first part of the guide, which consists of six chapters, explores the background principles, concepts, and knowledge that are at the core of juvenile detention and juvenile justice. This information provides the foundation for skill acquisition and skill development. One chapter addresses the history of juvenile detention and includes background information on the development of the juvenile court and juvenile probation. This is followed by a chapter that explains the relationship between juvenile detention and the law. Remaining chapters in the section on principles and concepts pertain to the definition of juvenile detention, adolescent development and delinquency, the rights and responsibilities of staff and youth, and professional issues in juvenile detention. The second part of the guide examines daily practice and addresses the principles and concepts for skill acquisition. Nine chapters compose this section. A chapter on management issues considers mission, security, and policy and procedure. Other chapters in this section focus on admission to detention, health care for incarcerated adolescents, the need for strong programs, detention education, behavioral management, behavioral observation and recording, mental health services, and "special issues." The latter chapter addresses violence, alcohol and other drugs, the control of suicidal behavior, minority issues, gender issues, and resources for alcohol and other drug assessment. A 506-item bibliography

Date Published: October 1, 1996