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Juvenile Drug Courts: Policy and Practice Scan

Date Published
November 2016
Publication Type
Research (Applied/Empirical), Report (Study/Research), Report (Grant Sponsored), Program/Project Evaluation, Program/Project Description

OJJDP Sample Timelines

Using Sample Timelines

This page is intended to assist applicants submitting timelines as requested in the solicitations under which they are applying. To this end, the following sample timelines are supplied.

Applicants should review the sample most appropriate to the nature of the solicitation under which they are applying, i.e., program, research, or evaluation. Timelines submitted by applicants should be specific to their individual proposals...


Department of Justice Application Season is Here!

Prepare early — any time during the year — to ensure your registration and users are up to date in the systems involved in the application process. Review the DOJ Grant Application Submission Checklist to identify which actions you can take now and what to expect when you start an application. 

About OJJDP Funding

The Office of Justice...

Delinquency Prevention

Date Published
February 1994
Publication Type
Program/Project Description, Issue Overview, Historical Overview