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Initiative To Develop Juvenile Reentry Measurement Standards


During the first phase, the project team:

  • Conducted a comprehensive and systematic literature review of the evidence for current practices in reentry for improving youth outcomes.
  • Conducted a comprehensive national field scan of existing reentry services and practices.
  • Synthesized the literature review and field scan findings in each system and youth domain to develop draft reentry measurement standards.

The project team is currently piloting its draft recommendations in selected sites at multiple levels (state agencies, facilities, service providers) and for multiple stages of reentry (e.g., placement, transition, community). In addition, the project team is gathering feedback from its panel of juvenile reentry experts and other juvenile justice stakeholders. These activities will inform the final project report, including the recommended measurement standards, which the team expects to submit to OJJDP in 2019.

The final report will present measures and definitions for juvenile reentry practice and youth outcomes; data collection and infrastructure recommendations; implementation considerations; enhancement or variation possibilities; and references to evidence or underlying research. The project team will also support the implementation of a national dissemination strategy to maximize the use of the recommendations across a wide range of agencies with jurisdiction over juvenile reentry.

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Date Created: March 20, 2020