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Youth Healing to Wellness Court Program



In Fiscal Year (FY) 2015, the Juvenile Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts Program (JTHWC) was incorporated as Purpose Area 8 into the Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS). The program has since been renamed the Youth Healing to Wellness Court Program (YHWCP). 

The YHWCP works to develop and enhance the capacity of existing Tribal courts and their response to issues related to alcohol and substance use for youth age 21 and younger. This includes creating new courts.

Court program objectives include:

  • Identifying the relevant data that is being collected on Tribal underage alcohol possession and consumption, and its related issues;
  • Inventorying policies, procedures, assessment tools, and services that address youth under age 21 who possess or consume alcohol and suffer from alcohol-related issues;
  • Determining gaps in such policies, procedures, assessment tools and services; and developing or enhancing the same.

Grantees may address gaps that may include:

  • Culturally appropriate provisions for right to counsel for persons under age 21 who have alcohol-related issues;
  • Judicial policies that work appropriately in Tribal justice systems to allow for delinquent charges/records to be expunged after completion of court-ordered action or programming.

Under the YHWCP, OJJDP has enhanced the capacity of Tribal courts to respond to alcohol and substance abuse challenges facing court-involved youth. These courts use culturally informed approaches to promote accountability, healing, and Tribal identity in youth younger than age 21.

Program funding allows grantees to develop or enhance an existing YHWCP in accordance with the OJJDP Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Guidelines and the Tribal Healing to Wellness Court 10 key components. In FY 2021, OJJDP funded 11 awards in the amount of $4,400,000. From FY 2016 to FY 2020, OJJDP funded 38 awards totaling $12,384,744 under the  program.

Training and Technical Assistance

OJJDP's Tribal Youth Resource Center provides training and technical assistance to federally recognized Tribes, including evaluation, program implementation, support, strategic planning, trauma-informed care, and more.


TTA Providers:


Heather McDonald
Program Manager
OJJDP Intervention Division
[email protected]


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Date Created: May 28, 2021