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Supporting Information for the Initiative to Development Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Guidelines


Research Reviews and Practices Scans: To establish a research evidence base for the Guideline Statements, the Core Research Team first conducted four systematic reviews based on a uniform process. The Core Research also conducted two systematic reviews of JDTC policies and practices. First, the project team used a combination of document review and interviews to conduct an environmental scan of 25 JDTCs. Second, more intensive listening sessions were conducted with five JDTCs.  The full reports of the findings from these systematic reviews can be found through the links below:

To see how the findings from the systematic reviews were translated into the Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Guidelines, please review the Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Guidelines Research Evidence and Practice Synthesis and Translation Protocol, which describes the research-based, practitioner-informed systematic process used.

Find more information on goals, objectives, and activities related to the development of the Guidelines in the Frequently Asked Questions.