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OJJDP Observes Child Abuse Prevention Month


The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention joins communities nationwide in observing April as Child Abuse Prevention Month. The Office provides significant support for the investigation and intervention of child abuse.

"Child Abuse Prevention Month is a time of reflection and a moment for recognition. We recognize our youngest victims and rededicate ourselves to their protection. We also acknowledge the professionals who spend their lives helping vulnerable youth. And we thank them for their vital work throughout the year," OJJDP Acting Administrator Chyrl Jones.

In fiscal year 2020, the Office awarded $39.8 million in projects and training for the Victims of Child Abuse Act program—including more than $23 million for OJJDP-supported Children’s Advocacy Centers, $2.5 million for the training of child abuse professionals, and more than $3.1 million for the training of judicial and court personnel.

OJJDP and its partners continue to respond during the pandemic to the mental health needs of child victims. For Child Abuse Prevention Month, OJJDP is highlighting innovations by OJJDP-funded programs to assist child abuse victims during the pandemic.

Video: Child Abuse Prevention Month: Responding to Child Abuse

The following video highlights the work of OJJDP's partners—National Children's Alliance, regional Children's Advocacy Centers, and the National Court Appointed Special Advocates/Guardian ad Litem (CASA/GAL) Association for Children.

Teresa Huizar, Executive Director of, the National Children's Alliance, Lisa Conradi,
Interim Executive Director of, the Western Regional Children's Advocacy Center, and Sally Erny, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the National CASA/GAL Association for Children, will speak in the video about: 

  • How Children's Advocacy Center professionals have adapted their programs to continue serving vulnerable youth throughout the COVID-19 crisis.
  • How OJJDP's partners have worked through challenges presented by the pandemic. 

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Date Created: March 31, 2021