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OJJDP News @ a Glance April 2024

April 2024

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Educational Advocates Promote a Successful Transition From Detention to Community

Youth transitioning from residential placement often face significant challenges when trying to reengage with the education system, as school districts may struggle to identify placements that meet students’ specific needs. An educational advocate can help a young person successfully reconnect with school and graduate. 

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OJJDP’s Continuum of Care Framework Spans Prevention, Intervention, Treatment, and Reentry Strategies

OJJDP Administrator Liz Ryan visited Harrisburg, PA, to announce the recipients of OJJDP funding under the fiscal year 2023 Building Local Continuums of Care To Support Youth Success initiative. She also introduced OJJDP's Continuum of Care for Communities infographic, which illustrates the framework and its span of services.

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From the Administrator's Desk

Photo of OJJDP Administrator Liz Ryan speaking at the Youth Justice Symposium

Engaging Youth To Inform Our Work

“OJJDP envisions a juvenile justice system centered on the strengths, needs, and voices of youth and families. We have spent a significant amount of time in listening sessions and roundtables to learn more about what is happening on the ground in juvenile justice, and we continue to engage youth on the national level to inform our work. Meaningful engagement with young people who have endured child abuse and neglect will help us better understand what works, what doesn’t, and why. Childhood should not end with violence and victimization."

—OJJDP Administrator Liz Ryan, addressing the 40th International Symposium on Child Abuse on March 18 in Huntsville, AL. 

From the Field: Child Abuse Library Online—CALiO—Turns 20 

CALiO, an extensive digital library curated for professionals who work to address and prevent child abuse, was launched by the National Children’s Advocacy Center in 2004. CALiO resources range from how-to guides to research literature and databases, and are intended to promote the use of evidence-based practices and informed decisionmaking. Materials address a wide variety of topics, including statistical data; the ways substance misuse, vicarious trauma, and polyvictimization impact children; community-based services for mistreated children and their families; and telehealth and online mental health services.

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News @ a Glance - Tribal Connections
Tribal Connections: Promoting Academic Success While Celebrating Alaska Native Culture

The OJJDP Tribal Youth Program in Fairbanks, AK, promotes academic success among middle and high school students with programming that honors Alaska Native culture, values, and traditions—such as beading. With OJJDP funding, the Fairbanks Native Association collaborates with several community partners to serve students at the Effie Kokrine Charter School. A family service coordinator meets with families and teachers to help identify students’ strengths and weaknesses, helping them overcome obstacles to academic success and supporting them as they move toward graduation. 

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Monthly - News @ a Glance - Did You Know?

In 2022 alone, 950 children’s advocacy centers in the United States served more than 380,000 children, treating survivors of abuse and investigating and prosecuting child abuse cases. The centers also trained nearly 1.5 million people on best practices to prevent child abuse. In fiscal year 2023, OJJDP dedicated $35.2 million to support children’s advocacy centers. OJJDP’s Children’s Advocacy Centers fact sheet highlights Office support. Learn more.

Date Created: April 23, 2024