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Data Snapshots Reveal COVID-19 Impact in Juvenile Justice Facilities

The Performance-based Standards (PbS) Learning Institute has released two new Data Snapshots summarizing the impact of COVID-19 in juvenile justice facilities. 

The snapshots highlight information collected in April 2021 about how COVID-19 visitation protocols affected family engagement, and how the decreased use of restraints in facilities improved the youth's relationships with the staff.  

The data snapshots are: 

Responding to the Pandemic: What Families Said About Their Experiences 
This brief discusses family members’ perspectives on their child's well-being and how they engaged with their child during the pandemic. Data show 89 percent of family members felt that their child was safe at the facility. Ninety-six percent reported speaking to their child between October 2020 to April 2021, typically by phone. 

Responding to the Pandemic: Use of Restraints and Staff-Youth Relationships 
Data show a decrease in the use of restraints in facilities and more youth reporting positively about their relationships with the staff. This brief explores the relationship between the two trends. Data was reported voluntarily by 148 correction, detention, assessment, and community-based residential programs in 32 states. 

Launched in 1995 by OJJDP,  PbS sets juvenile justice standards to achieve positive outcomes for youth. 


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Date Published: September 13, 2021