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True Compassion: About Marijuana

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January 2007
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This federally supported CD-ROM provides information necessary to understand the overall hazards of marijuana, as well as information about the science, the legalization agenda, societal impacts, and solutions for addressing drug addiction.
This CD-ROM was designed by the Drug Free AMERICA Foundation with funding support from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention to promote and provide a better understanding of the underlying issues of drug abuse and addiction, specifically marijuana, in order to explore and find effective solutions. Part of the Drug Free AMERICA Foundations’ True Compassion campaign, reflecting the ideal response that individuals should have towards drug addiction and abuse, this CD-ROM is divided into four primary sections in a question-answer/explanation format. The four sections include: (1) the science; (2) the scam; (3) the society; and (4) the solution. In the first section, sample questions include: Is there medical value in marijuana (no); Are there physical harms of smoking marijuana (yes); Does smoking cause psychological problems (yes); and is marijuana prescribed by medical professionals (no)? The second section, the scam about marijuana, includes the following highlighted questions: Is allowing marijuana for treatment of health problems compassionate (no); Is marijuana a naturally grown herb with some benefits (no); If legalized, taxed and regulated like alcohol and tobacco can revenue be obtained, potentially, but at what cost?; and Doesn’t everyone experiment with drugs (no)? Section three on the society includes questions, such as should drug use be a personal choice (no), is drug addiction a human rights issue (yes), and does drug use affect the environment (yes). The final section of the CD-ROM provides potential solutions to the issue of marijuana use and includes solutions for ensuring the sick and dying receive proper medical care, keeping drug use by youth on the decline, promoting freedom from drug use for those addicted, and reducing the human and financial cost paid by society for drug use.
Date Published: January 1, 2007