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Training New Mentees: A Manual for Preparing Youth in Mentoring Programs

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Date Published
January 2003
82 pages
This document discusses training for youth in need of mentoring.
The formal practice of youth mentoring has seen an increase in the past 10 years. There are programs in a wide variety of settings, including schools, churches, and community centers. Many mentoring programs report that it is common for mentees to fail to appear for scheduled meetings or to participate somewhat passively in their mentoring relationships. While it is standard practice to provide pre-match and ongoing mentor training, the preparation and training of mentees has been infrequent at best. This manual was created to offer thoughts, suggestions, and sample materials that a program can use to create training programs for their mentees. Part I presents a system for supporting mentees, including pre-match training, ongoing training, and a mentee handbook. Part II discusses preparing for mentee training, such as identifying program and youth needs, and identifying specific training activities that meet these needs. Part III explores building the training agenda. Part IV provides additional tips for effective youth training. Part V reviews training activities, such as icebreakers, and mentor and mentee panels. Part VI provides a sample evaluation form to be used as-is or modified to reflect the structure of training sessions. Part VII discusses the creation of a mentee handbook. The list of topics and information included in this handbook are training agenda, handouts and exercises, program history, program rules and responsibilities, program contact information and an explanation of staff roles, mentor/mentee contracts or agreements, relationship building tips, worksheets for the initial meetings, and information for parents. Appendices A-C

Date Published: January 1, 2003