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Responding to Alcohol and Other Drug Problems in Child Welfare: Weaving Together Practice and Policy

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190 pages
Drawing on the experience of several models of child welfare practice, this guidebook sets forth a policy framework that can assist child welfare agencies in responding to welfare parents who are users and abusers of alcohol and other drugs (AOD), the effects of which impair their parenting skills and threaten the safety of their children.
The first chapter describes the overall framework in which AOD and child welfare system (CWS) policy issues are currently addressed, summarizing the underlying values and circumstances that affect practice and policy regarding the connection between CWS and AOD services. Chapter 2 presents several models of CWS- AOD connections, as well as recent innovations within the CWS field. Chapter 3 examines the lessons that are emerging from the models and innovative practices, and chapter 4 describes AOD treatment and special issues for children. Chapter 5 defines the role of assessment in linking CWS and AOD services. In chapter 6, the authors discuss the need for child welfare reform efforts to understand the roles of other service systems in addressing AOD- related problems. The final chapter presents recommendations for strengthening practices and refining policy. Throughout the guidebook, the experience from Sacramento County, Calif., is used as a case study of the issues. 15 tables, chapter references, and appended collaborative values inventory, dialog on practice and policy, the review panel, and the Child Welfare League of America's Chemical Dependency and Child Welfare Task Force

Date Published: January 1, 1998