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Reentry Starts Here: A Guide for Youth in Long-Term Juvenile Corrections or Treatment Programs

NCJ Number
Date Published
April 2018
36 pages
This toolkit for youth in juvenile corrections and treatment programs is intended to assist them in preparing for reentry and success in the community.
The toolkit's first two sections address 1) planning for reentry while in placement and 2) successful reentry into your community. The resources provided include the identification of challenges common to reentry and action steps for addressing these challenges with the help of a caring adult. A section on "Planning for Reentry" provides guidance for building a reentry team, connecting with needed support, advanced planning for school and work, understanding the rules of community supervision, and the individualized aftercare plan. The section of the guide entitled "Returning to Your Community" explains how to use the services available to the youth; making a list of important contacts; building on the youth's experience in placement; following probation, parole, and court requirements; and maintaining commitment to school and work. "A Pocket Guide for Youth" then outlines three questions for the youth to answer in his/her own words. The first question is "What are your goals for reentry?" the youth is then required to address goals for education, career, health, family and relationships, finances, and "other." The second question is "What are you doing to prepare to meet your reentry goals?" The answer involves making a list of what the youth is currently doing to prepare and goals for success in the community. The third question is "Where are you going to live after you are released?" Requested answers are outlined for youth to complete. Following the three preparatory questions for youth to answer, the Pocket Guide poses three more questions for youth to answer regarding what they will do after their release.

Date Published: April 1, 2018