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Questions and Answers About the National Survey of Children's Exposure to Violence

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Finkelhor, D., Turner, H., and Hamby, S.
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Fact Sheet
This fact sheet from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention contains questions and answers regarding the National Survey of Children’s Exposure to Violence.
The National Survey of Children’s Exposure to Violence (NatSCEV) is a nationwide survey that examines the extent and nature of children’s exposure to violence across all ages and settings. The latest Survey was conducted between January and May 2008. This fact sheet from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) presents a set of question and answers in order to introduce the NatSCEV and its findings. The questions and answers discuss the objectives of NatSCEV, the key features of NatSCEV, new information provided by NatSCEV about children’s exposure to violence, what the survey says about changes in exposure to violence as children grow up, what happens when children are exposed to more violence and more kinds of violence, whether all the exposures that the survey measured were really ‘violence’, what indirect exposure and why it is counted, should sibling assault really be counted as assault, why would a parent tell the interviewers about child maltreatment, can the survey estimates be compared to ‘official’ estimates, are NatSCEV estimates available for use by individual States or localities, and whether there are plans to publish additional findings from the survey and are there plans for follow-up surveys to NatSCEV. 1 figure and 6 references
Date Created: April 19, 2016