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Protecting Tribal Youth from Abduction

NCJ Number
Date Published
August 2017
2 pages

Noting that Tribal youth face significant threats to their health, wellness, and safety, this guide instructs Native-American parents in signs that their child may need help and ways to prevent their child from becoming a missing child and what to do should it happen.


In outlining the signs that a child may need help, the symptoms are distinguished by various types of threats to health and safety. Signs are outlined for children who may face mental health issues, violence and gang activity, Internet crime against children, and sexual abuse and exploitation. The second of two pages of this instructional guide is devoted to what parents can do to prevent their children from going missing and steps to follow should it happen. Among the guidance provided for parents is to become involved in their children's activities and converse with them about their schedules, activities, and safeguards when they are away from their parents. Also, parents are advised to teach their children safety skills and threat awareness when involved in various types of activities. Youth and parent resources are listed.

Date Published: August 1, 2017