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Mobilizing Communities To Prevent Juvenile Crime

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Bownes, D., Ingersoll, S.
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This report summarizes promising approaches to juvenile delinquency prevention; the risk factors that challenge youth; effective prevention programs supported by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP); and planning, training, and technical assistance opportunities available through OJJDP's Community Prevention Grants.
Promising programs across the country are addressing youth skill development in the areas recommended in a major reports by the Carnegie Corporation: health and physical well-being, personal and social competence, cognitive and educational competence, preparation for work, and leadership and citizenship. The risk factors for adolescent health and behavior problems include community, family, school, and individual/peer factors. Under Title V, OJJDP awards Community Prevention Grants for local delinquency prevention plans. The programs being implemented include counseling and intervention services, programs for parents, health services, school-based programs, economic development and training programs, law enforcement-sponsored programs, and comprehensive community mobilization programs. These grants are laying the foundation for a national delinquency prevention movement based on community mobilization. Figure, photographs, and reference notes
Date Created: August 11, 2014