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Juvenile Justice System and Risk Factor Data for Illinois: 2008 Annual Report

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Date Published
March 2011
248 pages
This 2008 Annual Report by the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority presents comprehensive juvenile justice data, along with an explanation of risk factors and their importance to the juvenile justice system, in order to assist juvenile justice policymakers and practitioners in developing informed planning and policy initiatives.
The juvenile justice system data for Illinois address arrests; court actions (delinquency petitions, adjudications, and detention); transfers to criminal court; sentencing; and special issues. The latter data address the overrepresentation of minority youth in the juvenile justice system, status offenders, girls in the juvenile justice system, mental health, “dually involved” youth (both child welfare and juvenile justice systems), specialized courts, teen courts, juvenile justice councils, and record expungement. A section on State initiatives focus on State efforts to increase community-based services for juvenile offenders, increase alternatives to juvenile detention, reduce minority overrepresentation in the juvenile justice system, and develop models for change. Attention is also given to the following initiatives: a balanced and restorative justice initiative, and Safety Net Works. Data are also provided on risk factors for juvenile delinquency. These factors are defined as characteristics, experiences, or circumstance that research has shown put youth at risk for delinquent behavior. Risk factors are outlined in the domains of the community (substance abuse treatment, education, unemployment, income, poverty, and temporary assistance to needy families); social context (domestic violence, abuse and neglect, sexual abuse, crimes against youth, and inmates with children); and school context (truant minors in need of supervision, suspensions, expulsions, and dropouts). 22 tables, 27 figures, 16 maps, appendixes A-H, and 48 notes

Date Published: March 1, 2011