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Implementing Ongoing Staff Development to Enhance Safe Schools (Guide 3 from Safe and Secure: Guides to Creating Safer Schools)

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Date Published
September 2002
44 pages
In an effort to create safer schools, this guide discusses the role of staff development within the context of school safety. It addresses how staff development should be an integral part of the educational planning process, and discusses what its relationship is to safety-related outcomes and overall student achievement.
To assist schools in their safety efforts, the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory (NWREL) developed a series of eight guidebooks intended to build a foundation of information that will assist schools and school districts in developing safe learning environments. This third guide in the series examines the integral role of staff development in the arena of school safety. The primary purpose of staff development is to ensure high levels of learning for all students through improved professional learning experiences for every school employee who affects student learning. The NWREL established staff development standards that fall into three categories: context standards (where), process standards (how), and content standards (what). The guide discusses the essential components of safe school planning, the essential components of safe school planning and meeting adult learning needs, effective school discipline and behavior management, and what the future holds for staff development and school safety. The results of effective staff development must be the implementation of science-based strategies that will have a noticeable effect on negative behaviors and a positive effect on student outcomes, both academic and behavioral. Educators and school safety planners must take on leadership roles in meeting staff development needs and must continue to push for standards-based staff development. References and resources

Date Published: September 1, 2002