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Healing, Justice, and Trust: A National Report on Outcomes for Children's Advocacy Centers 2015

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This is the 2015 national report on outcomes for Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs), which provide a safe, child-focused environment under the care of a trained multidisciplinary team (MDT) that renders services in the fields of health care, law enforcement, mental health, prosecution, child protective services, victim advocacy, and protective services.
The data for this report were obtained through the Outcome Measurement System (OMS), which is an annual survey completed by CACs nationwide. The survey is completed by the caregivers of children served by CACs. In the OMS survey, members of MDTs complete standard survey questions that measure how well they are providing “healing, justice, and trust.” “Healing” involves restoring the lives of children and families after abuse incidents. “Justice” involves striving toward just outcomes for victims of abuse and protecting all kids from abusers. “Trust” consists of ensuring that children, families, and MDT members can trust their center and the CAC model to provide the services they need. Regarding “healing,” the returned survey indicates that 95 percent of caregivers believe that CACs provide them with the resources needed to support children they serve. Regarding “justice,” 98 percent of MDT members believe clients benefit from the collaborative approach of the MDT. Regarding “trust,” 96 percent of the caregivers reported that if they knew of a family facing difficulties in caring for their children, they would tell the parents about the CAC.
Date Created: June 12, 2018