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Guide to the State Juvenile Justice Profiles

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Date Published
April 2006
8 pages
This bulletin presents the history, content, and design of the State Juvenile Justice Profiles Web site, which features descriptive information and analysis on each State's juvenile justice system.
Each profile describes the current structure and characteristics of a State's juvenile delinquency services, juvenile delinquency laws, and online resources. "National Overviews" place each State's profile in the context of summaries of information across States. The information for each State is obtained by the staff of the National Center for Juvenile Justice through analyses of State laws, reviews of documents and Web sites, and interviews with State and local juvenile justice practitioners. Clicking the "State Profiles" tab on the opening Web page produces a drop-down menu of States. Clicking on a State's name produces a drop-down menu of topics on that State's juvenile justice system. Dates show when the information was compiled. The "National Overviews" tab takes the user to frequently asked questions about topics in four categories. These are the organization and administration of services, statistical links, trying juveniles as adults in criminal court and blended sentencing provisions, and other statutes analyses. Most of the national overviews begin with a descriptive summary of national trends. Clicking on the hyperlinked numbers within the text retrieves tables that identify which State belongs to which category. Supplementary Web pages present information on the site's structure, content, and history; a glossary; links to related national and State juvenile justice Web sites; user feedback; and contact information. 8 notes and 5 figures

Date Published: April 1, 2006