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Developing and Implementing a Tool To Evaluate and Improve Underage Drinking and Driving Policies

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Date Published
September 2016
42 pages
This report describes the development, features, and testing of a data-based model (SIM-DUI) that combines scientific knowledge with specific laws to assist policymakers in different communities and States examine policy changes and forecast alternative outcomes for countering teen drinking and driving in terms of crashes and lives saved.
SIM-DUI is an Excel-based modeling tool that allows users to simulate how changing existing laws or implementing new laws and policies in their jurisdiction may impact underage alcohol-related crashes (fatal and non-fatal) among teens ages 15-20 years old. A two-phase effort built a user friendly tool (Phase I) and tested it in San Diego County, CA (Phase II). Feedback and recommended changes in SIM-DUI are reported from the San Diego County testing. Additional funding is needed to examine the following recommended changes: 1) examining substances other than only alcohol; 2) examining concurrent substance use with alcohol; 3) including a cost-benefit analysis of implementing new legislation; 4) including other alcohol-related outcomes (violence and public intoxication); 5) examining on-site versus off-site alcohol outlet sales proportions; and 6) examining additional contributors to law enforcement (time officers spent on DUIs, priority of impaired driving enforcement within police stations, and amount of money spent on DUI enforcement). 2 figures, 1 table, 24 references, and appended project materials and products

Date Published: September 1, 2016