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OJJDP FY 2020 Alaska Children's Advocacy Center Expansion Initiative for Child Abuse Victims

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This solicitation provides funding to address the needs of child victims and their families in Alaska through a multidisciplinary team response to child abuse cases.

Because of the rural nature of Alaska, there are many unique needs and challenges when it comes to the investigative response to cases of child abuse and providing the necessary treatment services for victims. Alaska has developed and is using the Children's Advocacy Center (CAC) model to respond to cases of serious physical and sexual child abuse. These CACs exist in strategic locations throughout the state; however, there is a need for further coverage and enhancement of services offered by these CACs.

This solicitation contains two categories to respond to these needs:

  1. New Satellite CACs (OJJDP-2020-17772)
  2. Capacity Enhancements for Existing CACs (OJJDP-2020-17773)

Goals, Objectives, and Deliverables
The goal of this program is to increase the coverage and capacity of CAC services in Alaska for child victims of abuse. The objectives and deliverables of this program are as follows:

Category 1: New Satellite CACs, OJJDP-2020-17772
This category will fund the development of new satellite CACs to expand the coverage of existing accredited CACs in Alaska. A satellite CAC is a child-friendly facility offering onsite forensic interviews and victim advocacy services under the sponsorship and oversight of a National Children’s Alliance-accredited CAC. Funding will support the activities necessary to develop and implement the satellite CAC as determined locally. CACs interested in this category must include information detailing coordination with the Alaska Native corporations to maximize support for the satellite CAC.

Category 2: Capacity Enhancements for Existing CACs, OJJDP-2020-17773
This category supports programmatic enhancements for the existing Alaska-based CACs to increase the range and quality of services as well as specific infrastructure needs (i.e., expanding types of mental health services, increasing forensic staff, expanding advocacy service approaches, specialized equipment, transportation, interview room enhancements, etc.). OJJDP-2020-17712 5 Finally, training and technical assistance will be provided by an OJJDP-funded training and technical assistance provider for this project, and the successful applicant is expected to work closely with OJJDP on the implementation efforts. 

Access Solicitation Specific FAQs and view the webinar here that took place on February 27, 2020.


Number of Awards: 8
Total Amount Awarded: $4,800,000

Date Created: January 23, 2020